I was teased, “Fat Paige”…

There were a few Paiges and that’s how I was identified.

I experienced my entire adolescence overweight,

My heaviest was +230 pounds.

It wasn’t until college I started making changes

So I do come from a personally connected position

for wanting to change how weight and body fat

are socially talked about and seen.

This was me.

Fat is seen and talked about so negatively

Hence why the body positivity movement is a thing.

“The body positivity movement is defined (on the Internet) as

“a social movement rooted in the belief  that all human beings

should have a positive body image

while challenging the ways in which society

presents and views the physical body.”

Yes, #fatisbeautiful.

Yes, accept all shapes and sizes.

Yes, all bodies are good bodies.

Absolutely. Alladat.

Beautiful does not mean skinny.

Self-love/acceptance does not mean slim.

And yes, Self can be overweight and be happy, and still love self too!

Plus, Self can be overweight, and “healthy”

that was me too, nothing medically, physically was ever wrong with me.

(Long-term though, prolly who knows- especially if I got bigger…)

But emotionally and mentally,

Ya girl had issues.

I was eating my feelings vs. not talking about them.

I was told to be confident,

Love me and accept me

But I was still unhappy.

The movement says you “should” have a positive body image,

And I didn’t. Okay, now what??

This body positivity movement needs more,

beyond accepting and loving yourself, and being positive, as is

but also encourage everyone to do activities that are in the body’s best interest for now and the future.

Body positivity needs more talk about adopting positive behaviors for the body.

Let’s consider participating in more activities

and adopting more behaviors that are in the best interests of Self’s body.

Especially long-term— for a long wellthy life.

“Fat” / Overweight, obese, or not, we all at some point learn that our health

Is fluid, and it is not guaranteed.

We have to take care of the vessels we use to function every day… Every day.

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Experiencing overweight and obesity can lead to other health complications

such as metabolic syndrome,

atherosclerosis, heart disease,

diabetes, high blood cholesterol,

cancers and sleep disorders.

We have high rates of a lot of diseases and health problems right now.

We’re currently experiencing an obesity epidemic.

What is so body positive about that?

I hope that we take our health more seriously with each new day.

A List of Ways To Live A Well-thy, Healthy Life

The Insider’s Guide to Weight Loss

Peace and grace,

– P. Blessman

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