This is about Creating myself.

& Creating someone I Love.

I am experimenting with myself. And I’m Being whoever I want.

This is about making My own choices.

This is about Me, trying new things.

Overcoming overweight, and childhood obesity I have had a difficult time accepting myself at this new weight.

Visually/mentally, I still see myself as this Fat.

7 years later, and -80lbs, I look down and still see my stomach pudge, not my toes.

Okay, I see my toes a bit more than before, but stillll

So in order to realllllyyyy see myself different I did something wayyyy out of my norm.So yup, I went from regular smegular black/Brown hair, with one strand of adulting gray hair, and faithful to wash and gos, to a Brazilian 20-in “red head” lol.

I have this Life to Be, and to do, and to look, and to wear, and to talk, and to go, and to not go, and to not talk, and to not wear,

Whatever, whenever tf I want.

If I were to live to 100, would I really be okay with the same oldddddd? Look. Styles. Routines. For 100 years?

Wby? Would you?

I’m not saying get a sew-in,

But I Am saying: I hope y’all purposely do things to create someone you Love. At whatever (st)age of Life you’re in.

I’ve been on this self love journey for as long as my first notes to myself- I still have- go.

People who meet me now-a-days, within the last 4 years or so, would never know I used to be Fat.

But, me, I have lived through every single day, through every single pant size from 22, and every sweat/ work out, and tear, and every second I pinched my skins in the mirror…

Overcoming childhood obesity, at times, my mind still sees an overweight Paige, because she’s in all my memories and all my old thoughts.. she’s still apart of me.

And to boost my self love/growth via sew-in, really deals with purposefully recreating what I see, with new hair. Because everybody knows Hair does play a role in self-mood, self-identity.


To one look. To One style.

I am not limited to One type of person to really Be.

Allow yourself multidimensionality. You are not one emotion, one trait, one story. You are a million experiences, and a million pieces.

Me and this sew-in, is Me too. And that overweight me, was me too. And I’m sure I’ll be something else in due time..

I got a sew-in to look different, be different, and do something different typical Paige would do, to purposefully recreate Myself after overcoming childhood and adolescent obesity– now recreating myself.

MESSAGE: Intentionally do something for YourSelf that pushes your growth.

Purposefully work on an insecurity of yours.

Yeah yeah we all have, one…

Work on Yourself.


Peace and blessings,

– P. Blessman

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