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Hello from me, Paige Blessman

& Welcome to Let’s Get Posi!

I’m happy you’re here and ready to register


Can you believe it?! Time flies.

I’m so excited and thankful to be able

To plan our 10-year reunion!

I know there’s soooo much going on

& has been going on since we’ve been adulting.

There’s so much high school taught us,

And didn’t teach us.

We left Harrison and entered a big big world-

A lot has changed since 2011…

It’s 2021 and I can’t wait to have a great time with you all like old times!

There will be inflatable activities, games (connect 4, genga, etc.), food and drinks provided.

Plus a DJ and photobooth, with printable photos you can take away

And also digital photos you can send to your phone!

++ more goodies to take away and remember the day

++ nostalgic times

See you at Shiawassee Park on Saturday, August 21st, 2021!

[Obvi this isn’t everyone but this is the most people in a picture I have from our last day:]

**Send your 2011 photos to hello@paigeblessman.com to be featured in an HHS Class of 2011 slideshow video!**

Also sending MANY Thanks to:

Lydia Miller

Aleah Bell

Tajmah Essex

Michael Erickson

Naveed Carim

Jacob Minkus

Balaji Pandian

$40.00 – Add To Cart Excluding 6.5% tax