I hated being overweight.


How clothes fit me, shopping for clothes, being teased,

eating in front of people gave me anxiety,

I purposefully counted myself out of things…

Every part of being the “fat friend” SUCKED.

I hated myself and went through some extreme measures to get what I wanted:


When I did weight loss on my own (starting 2010) I was starving myself and overtraining-

Not intentionally, but really believed that

I had ate enough and I just needed water, a lil fruit, or small salad, my vitamins and the gym.

This lead to severe exhaustion and episodes of fainting…

Yes. Me. Blacked out. On the ground. Multiple times. Over the years.

Because I couldn’t get it right.

Too much exercising, not enough food/fuel.

At one point I spent summer 2012 in California

with my sister and I learned soooo much

about clean eating and other exercising than the treadmill.

Even ran in my first run-the Color Run in Pomona, CA

But then when I got back to school, and on my own…

I couldn’t keep those practices up.

With my class schedule, my far commute to the gym,

no grocery nearby or much grocery money

I somewhat fell to “fasting” I called it.

Because not eating at all was better than not eating clean to me.

I have fainted at least 10 times over the course of this weight loss journey.

I stopped counting, but the last time was Sept `19.

As a Wellness Wiz, I am here to discuss

physical, mental, social, nutritional, spiritual fitness

through my experiences in order to help the next person.

I am not here to have a “perfect” persona

or have everything figured out in order to participate

in this wellness conversation.

Because the reality is,

we’ll always be a work in progress.

Also, please keep in mind,

We do not live in a world of absolutes.

So just because I say something worked for me,

Doesn’t necessarily mean I’m saying,

“Do it my way or your wrong”

I share my journey and lessons via Let’s Get Posi

so you can know other ways to get to your goal.

There are multiple ways to get to 4!

1+3, 2+2… I won’t bring out the decimals, you get the point.

There are things I wish someone would’ve told me

so I’m telling who’s ever reading.

I’ve made mistakes. I’ve had countless “Day One”‘s!!

After +10 years of being on a weight loss journey,

These are 3 key things that remained constant for any progress.

Since I have “fallen off” and hopped on again so many times

These are the 3 things that were always important:

(1) Drinking water all the time. Even when you’re not thirsty, you lowkey are. Water intake is important for digestion, skin, joints- literally everything. Forget that “before a meal so you eat less” jargon. Drink more water because you’re 78% water and you gotta maintain that flow within. I notice when I’m drinking enough water I am more energized. My skin glows too. Water is literally LIFE. Read: Why Drink More Water And How To Increase Our Water Intake.

(2) EATing mindfully! I used to think I didn’t have to eat much because I had so much fat on me to lose. But I was dangerously mistaken. This mindset led to fainting, loose skin, and being “skinny fat.” When we work out and are active, we need MORE food, not less. It’s not about eating less, it’s about eating MORE nutrient-dense foods, and eating mindfully. Eat on purpose! Eat with a purpose. Read: What Is A Diet?

(3) Keeping track. I kept track with photos and clothes. I have helly comparison photos and used my old clothes as a measure of weight loss success. I used to buy smaller clothes, but I stopped doing that because I was buying clothes to fit them, instead of buying clothes I could fit. That was an important realization for me, because as a pear shape, I may never be smaller than 8, or wear XS shirts- and that’s pearfectfully fine! I’m pearfectfully me! Keep track of your progress someway. It’s a true motivator- that what we’re doing is working and to not stop. Read: Why Forget The Scale?

I gotta add one more because I do wish this was something I did more of when I started my weight loss journey:

(4) Lifting weights. I didn’t lift weights so I lost muscle mass too, leading to sagging skin and being “skinny fat.” LIFT WEIGHTS. (Ladies, it’ll only make you bulky if you weight train heavy af to attain that look. You gotta do that on purpose and intentionally- not from lifting 3x week.) Read: My 81 pound weight loss story

If you or someone you know is struggling with weight loss

Keep taking it day by day!

You can do it.

You just gotta do it ya know.

If it’s one thing weight loss confirmed for me-

We only get results from the work we put in.

No shortcutting.

Read: What Is A Cheat Day?

I wish everybody

learns more about their individual health

and makes more progress

towards their fitness goals

this year!

Peace and grace,

– P. Blessman

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