I never expected my Life to be / feel like this.

I mean sure I always wanted to “be me”, and “be happy”

But it took some trial and error to figure out exactly

What “being me” meant

And what “being happy” looked like for Me.

Ever since I learned how to write

my name Paige, I’ve just wanted to write for my own pleasure.

Stories. My thoughts. Poetry…

It wasn’t until college I thought of

Writing as a career.

It was studying Sociology that changed my educational and professional life.

Long story short, my career path

to becoming a writer has not been an easy or clear one.

To start, not even considering writing as a career, originally

I thought I wanted to be a doctor like my dad,

or go into Pharmacy tbh

cause I did know I wanted to be in/around health ultimately

buuuut those courses ain’t work out—

I took every pre class to see what I was interested in: from screen arts & film, photography, communications, public health, Economics, English etc cause pre-med and engineering were out the question lol

I am joyful I stayed open

to divine surprises and God’s divine guidance

and protection.

Sociology was great for me and it was my last pick. Funny how life goes!

Even though I got lost and off course sometimes along the way…

I have not been perfect or on time.

I have procrastinated.

I didn’t show up sometimes.

I have missed deadlines.

I have not always been the best at communicating.

Introversion and social anxiety would get the best of me.

My time and work has been taken and abused.

I got laid off at work.

I’ve applied to hundreds of writing and marketing jobs

Completed writing tests that felt like a waste

Been rejected

Been ghosted by jobs

Ya girl got stories…

Through the years I am thankfull to have been able to explore a range of writing topics and industries

I just love writing so I researched

and did my best at the time to complete the task.

But I wanted to figure out

what the heck my true passion and skill was.

I felt like my writing focuses were all over the place so my mind and attitude was too.

From education, to supply chain, economic development, commercial real estate, nonprofit, entertainment, and more

From advertising & print writing, public relations and communications writing, digital marketing writing…

I am now at the point in my career

where I get to pick, and things are getting clearer.

Cause I’ve tried so many things.

Now I KNOW what I love AND write about

what I care about- healthcare, health and wellness.

The more I talked to God the more pieces started to shift-

I thought things were breaking

but they were reconfiguring

to what He planned for me.

I had to let go of my idea of perfect

And let God have his way.

At this point I just wanna take the time

to publicly reflect and send a thank you

to those who have given me a chance

and worked with me and been a part of my writing journey.

My supportive teachers that challenged and encouraged me.

My first full-time job at the Detroit Regional Chamber, Jim Martinez gave me the opportunity to have my first byline in the Detroiter Magazine. That was inspo for me.

Chuck Bennett gave me the space to have my own column, writing about Downtown Detroit called “The Downtown Paige”. That was fun and empowering. 🏙

Green Door Initiative was my first freelance client and encouraged me to pursue my own entrepreneurial endeavors.

Thanks to alllll my Posi readers and shoppers 💛

Thanks to alllll my colleagues who connect me with writing gigs!! ✏️

Thanks to Lolita for counseling and pushing me through creative writing.

Also thanks to Paul P. for coaching me through becoming a copywriter.

Plussss I so appreciate my family and close friends for helping me navigate my mental exhaustion through stuff.

Looking back I can make sense of

some really challenging times

through the work,

questioning my life,

talents and dreams.

Young P is soooo proud and excited for this woman I’m growing to be!

There was a season I used to write in a journal

“I hate myself I don’t want to live this life.”

There was another season in undergrad

I cried every day because it was another day

of this bad spot I was in.

There was another season I was going through a tough time due to a relationship that was psychologically and emotionally scarring.

I keep those unfavorable times in my memory because

if I gave up I wouldn’t have experienced

the growth, good times, laughs, love, travels,

friendships, and accomplishments I have

that outweigh those low times.

Tough times don’t last y’all!

Keeeeeep going.

Ima always be sending y’all posi

cause I know what it’s like

to be in your head questioning everythingggggg.

Know there’s a bigger picture at play.

It’ll all make sense one day.

Growing with God, 10/10 I recommend.

Keep praying!

& Faith it til you make it 🙏

Sending posi and peace 2 u alwayssss!!

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