I honestly don’t even know whether to call them “kicks,” “gym shoes,” just “shoes,” or “sneakers,”so I may just use ‘em all throughout this post…

Clearly I’m no sneakerhead or gym shoe guru but I am a mod gal.

I do know style.

And that’s for sure what Nojo Kicks has to offer with their exclusive sneaker inventory.

Nojo Kicks is not your typical shoe store either; visitors voiced the culture and experience is what makes this establishment different.

As if the mezzanine-constructed boutique wasn’t unique enough, the steel pipes clustered ceiling gives off an urban and city aura.

And, in addition to the display extended along the wall stacked with 100+ kicks wrapped in plastic like candy, are showcases of signed collectible jerseys from mvps Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant, to name a few.

I had a great time celebrating with Nojo Kicks, for their one year anniversary.

The boutique’s ambience was complemented with returning and loyal customers, friends and family members of the owners, fellow sneakerheads, other local media outlets, and Detroit’s own DJ Twist spun musical sounds.

Noting positive vibes for the red cup toast, seeing people pick up shoes arm-lengths up the wall, make purchases, buy raffle tickets to win a travel bag (with shoe compartments, duh) to donate to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation ultimately made the event a success.

I had the opportunity to speak with co-founder Aaron Fields and he was very personable about his passion for sneakers and Nojo Kicks.

I asked what his most memorable moment over the year and he explained he couldn’t just pick one because time has gratefully been so active for them.

Their previous visitors include people like: Fabolous, Usher, Wale, Future, Stephen Curry, and the list continues.

Congrats to Nojo Kicks 1 year!

And cheers to many more!

 (Originally written Summer 2015) 

Peace and blessings,

– P. Blessman

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