I’ve learned that Life is only as good as our mindset.

So that means: Change our thoughts and change our life.

I’m not suggesting to ignore, or deny our unfavorable situations at all.

And this is different than being an optimist too…

I am suggesting another way of being/thinking.

I call it,

Positivitist (POSI-TIVI-TIST)

It is helpful to keep positive messages around you, especially during tough times.

I used to be overweight, under spoken, emotionally and mentally weak, suicidal, and completely unhappy.

And intentionally and purposefully creating a space for myself- with positive messages really helped me, healed me, and changed my perspective.

I have helly quotes, in my room, phone notes, notebooks…

And they ultimately changed my life.

At twenty-something now, 80-pounds less, self-aware, more vocal, and confident with using my voice..I am truly thankful for every waking day I get to be ME! To tell my transformational story.

I want to share the positive messages that kept me going with others because I know how it feels…

When the tunnel seems to only get longer.

I know how it feels, like it’s always a cloudy rainy day on the inside.

To feel purposeless, useless, and questioning self’s existence.

I know how it feels when you answer somebody’s, “How are you/How’s it going?” question

Saying, “I’m okay,” or “Everything is fine,” knowing good and well you’re screaming on a mountain top on the inside.

Wow, do I know the feeling.

Intentionally create a positive space y’all, no matter what is going on.

Have reminders to yourself that help keeeeep, and maintain that posi-tive mindset.

We have to wake up thinking every thing is going to work in our favor, even if yesterday was shiitty! Because it’s a new day! New opportunities and doors to approach. Another day to try again.. Another day to get passed it…

Maintain a posi-tivi-tist perspective by surrounding yourself with positive messages in your own space.

You will be surprised how much at peace you are, and how your life will change.

Yes even with just one pillow!

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Peace and blessings,

– P. Blessman