Me, I’m a summer baby/ Leo, so you already know winters are not my favorite.

Plus, I live in Detroit, Michigan where no winter is the same or predictable!

It’s cold freezingggg temps.

It’s sharp winds that make your skin hurt.

It’s gray skies alllll the time

And it can make me feel gray on the inside.

Some of you may get that line, some of you may not.

And honestly, I hope you don’t understand it because

this feeling suuuucks.

And it always starts in the fall,

Gets worse in the winter and

“Goes away” in the spring when the sun comes back out.

SUNSHINE ☀️  is important!

Grand Rapids was rated #6, for Top 10 Most Depressing Winters

And that’s near Detroit, so I’m saying Detroit is also #6

My mood changing with the seasons isn’t just because

“I don’t like winter,” or “I don’t like snow.”

I really want to stay in bed, and am just unmotivated.

Have you ever heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Basically, your mood changes

(around the same time every year)

And it’s typically fall-winter.

According to National Institute of Mental Health,

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is not considered as a separate disorder.

It is a type of depression displaying a recurring seasonal pattern.

To be diagnosed with SAD, people must meet full criteria for major depression coinciding with specific seasons (appearing in the winter or summer months) for at least 2 years.

(9) Symptoms of Major Depression

1-Feeling depressed most of the day, nearly every day

2-Feeling hopeless or worthless

3-Having low energy

4-Losing interest in activities you once enjoyed

5-Having problems with sleep

6-Experiencing changes in your appetite or weight

7-Feeling sluggish or agitated

8-Having difficulty concentrating

9-Having frequent thoughts of death or suicide.

(6) Symptoms of the Winter Pattern of SAD include:

1-Having low energy



4-Weight gain

5-Craving for carbohydrates

6-Social withdrawal (feel like “hibernating”)

Giving my mood struggles through the cold season

A name helped me better understand


And how to take extra care of myself

 In the winter months especially.

Below are some

Self-Care Activities to treat SAD:

Light therapy

-Vitamin D supplements



Posi-tive vibes

-Take a vacay to a sunny place

-Sit closer to the windows at work or cafes / keep the blinds open

-Keep a journal- writing down your thoughts can have a posi-tive effect on your mood

-Exercise for endorphins

-Make an effort to connect with people you enjoy being around

-Get a dawn simulator– it wakes you up with gradual light vs. music / sounds

-Aromatheraphy- essential oils can influence the area of the brain that’s responsible for controlling moods

Now these things don’t make the gray feeling

go away forever, but they do bring me to another place

that reminds me I am okay- and everything will be okay.

That’s good.


Remember this:

You have already survived 100% of your worst days,

And you will get through this gray fall-winter season once again!

You’re not in this alone either.

In fact, there’s about 3 million cases/ year.

What are you looking to introduce to treat your SAD-ness?

Wishing you light, good moods, and laughs

Peace and blessings,

– P. Blessman

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