When unfavorable things happen to me

I used to question, “Why me?”

And say, “I don’t deserve this.”

Because I’m a positive person. 

I’m kind. I come from a genuine place.

But then I realized too that

the world isn’t nice just because you are,

and mostly

I have received great blessings

I didn’t ask for, and/or feel deserving of either-

So I’ma just keep thanking God no matter what.

Especially cause my blessings always always

Outweigh and outnumber any and all unfavorable happenings.

He will always provide a way for me.

He will always watch over me.

He will always love me.

He will always want me close to him.

It is written that God has great plans for me (Jeremiah 29:11),

He is protecting me (Psalms 23)

& He keeps his promises (2 Peter 3:9).

Because of those FACTS

I’m in a constant grateful mood 🙌

& this is true for You too!

Let’s not tell God how big our problems are-

Let’s tell our problems how BIG BIG our God is!

I am prayerfull that more peace and posi be with you along your wellness journey💫

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Peace & posi along your wellness journey,


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