The most beautiful place I’ve ever stood is in my own shoes.

And that’s a big deal to me, for me to say, because I used to hate myself because I was overweight.

Now I am thankful everyday to be who I am..

Have this story, and do my Life’s work as a wellness whiz and posi-gal.

Self discovery is the most rewarding journey there is.

Click Here to Read this letter I wrote to myself at fifteen.

Because I didn’t love myself and I wanted the “quick/easy” fixes, I learned the difference between “weight loss” and “fat loss” the hard way.

I lost 80 lbs on the scale but I lost muscle mass too = loose skin.

So now I’m on a muscle building journey to regain my muscle and strength.

Idc about the number on the scale anymore!

I care about my strength and true health.

So I started training with Meagan, which was a true push and challenge for me!

During the week it was up to me to keep up to stay ready for my Muscle Building Sessions w/ Meagan because she never plays!

Lol, she pushes!

My arms and legs were literally shaking at some points and Meagan never let me give up when she saw I was fighting.

I would still feel the workouts two days later, and sore AF but it was all worth it.

I could choose to be “mad” at myself for “doing it wrong”…

I could be mad at myself for having to jump on yet ANOTHER fitness regimen, but I’m not.

This muscle rebuilding / body transformation journey has shown me that I am in control, and it’s truly all about My decisions. My actions. It only works if I do. It’s way beyond “wanting” and “wishing.”

With that said, I choose to look at This as an opportunity to start again, and Be even better because I know more about myself, the science of food and fitness. And plus, I am still super far from where I used to be to be proud of already.

And I still have plenty of time to get where I wanna be- and to look forward to!

Just a post to say that it’s okay to start again, learn from your mistakes and start again, and there’s always time to begin anew!

For your training needs feel free to contact Meagan @damnmeagwins on Instagram.

Peace and blessings,

– P. Blessman

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