“Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.”

I’m entering year 26 feeling extremely blessed and highly favored

To be where I am right now.

I celebrated my birthday with: a staycation-took of work, numerous self-care activities, shenanigans with my best friends from middle school, and family, two movies, a Wiz concert, good sleep, brunch, good food, lituations, go-kart racing, and thanking God.

I’m still celebrating this 26th year because I didn’t imagine I’d make it this far when I was little.

When I said I used to be one of those “suffer in silence” people, that meant I found ways to release my troubles vs hold them in—not that everything is in order, perfect and peachy keen.

GetPosi.com is more than about a positive perspective to me.

Getposi.com is for intentionally and purposely working on posi-tive behaviors and thoughts.

A mental exercise.

I wanna share Get Posi with others cause I know the grey-skies-on-the-inside feeling and feeling alone.

If you feel alone, remember that loads of people feel alone too.
Technicallyyyy we’re all feeling alone together.

We are all trynna figure Life out.

GetPosi.com is for combatting those grey, and lonely thoughts.

I’m not saying bad things don’t happen, nor that bad thoughts don’t come.

Because they absolutely do!

However, there are tools, and practices to learn, to lessen and combat unfavorable times.

I look forward to sharing more Posi vibes and Paige’s story

Via ebook about how childhood obesity impacted my adolescence and mental health.

*Coming soooon*

Turning 26 is such a big deal because

I am not where imagined to be,

Yet, right where I need to be.

I love this woman I’m becoming and seeing.

I am turning the paige on the 1st quarter of my life.

Turning 26 is me starting brand ANEW,

With the lessons I’ve learned from my adolescence

And entering the 2nd quarter of my Life: FREE.

I really want to let go of, and grow out of some things

From my adolescence and I am!!!

& Thank you for all the birthday wishes and thoughtful messages!

I love you all and appreciate you taking time out of your day to write me.

Thank you.

Below are SIX lessons I am carrying into year 26:

  1. Always put Self first. / Self-care is not selfish.
  2. I have food at home.
  3. Modify my gym schedule as needed.
  4. Track my expenses.
  5. Read more books.
  6. Forgive and let go—as often as necessary.

Sending all my fellow adulting millennials posi vibes ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

Peace and blessings,

– P. Blessman

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