Society has told us a “cheat” day (meal) is when we go off our “diet” and eat whatever our guilty pleasures are.

There is power in words you know.

And, I just don’t like saying “cheat day” or “cheat meal.”


food is not “cheating.”

Eating is not “cheating.”

“Cheat days/meals”  associate foods we enjoy, with guilt. And I am not about to feel bad for enjoying pizza and fries, okay!

“Cheat days/meals” make you feel guilty for having what you like. It places “bad” on (y)our favorite foods, and I am not accepting that. Pizza and fries are AMAZING!Health is not about perfection.

What is this perfect?

And what/where is that standard set from?

Some name brand?

A snatched waist?

Abs and quads?

We are all built differently— live in different bodies.

Really, we should be educating ourselves more

about eating nutritionally conscious..Let’s be sure to get our essential: vitamins, proteins, fibers, fats, carbs, (macros) etc. in any way that makes us individually feel good.

Let’s enjoy food. And try new things, because it is a lifestyle not 30 days, or even 90.

It is more than that.

This is for (our) Life.

And so you may be asking, “What does it even mean to be nutritionally conscious?”For example, I say pizza and fries are amazing but I will not eat it every day, or every week. Pizza makes me feel heavy and fatigued honestly. But every once in a while, will I indulge in a cheesy deep-dish pizza, uhm yes! But my pizza will also have vegetables to make it more nutrient-dense. Every food counts. So I order pizza with bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, no olives though lol. As for fries, I don’t eat them all, or order sweet potato fries if they’re available.


and Eating Nutritionally Conscious

Are the two takeaways I wish to pass forward.

And for my thoughts on “diets” click here.

Chill with the “cheat” days.

Say: Moderation, Not Deprivation

What’s your favorite food that you want to moderate into your eating habits?

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Peace and blessings,

– P. Blessman

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