A “diet” suggests that there is a certain spot or point in time you can just stop and hang steady, and eat whatever you want, after you reach your desired weight.

Sorry y’all. That’s not how it goes.

There has to be a lifetime commitment.

There has to be a rhythm maintained, not just for any time period, but for life.

Health is for Life.

Fitness is for health, for Life!

I’m not a fan of “diet” because it’s short-term change/thinking. Or okay, if one wants short-term results, yes diet.

Instead of “diet” I say what I’m doing: I’m changing my eating habits.

This is for life.

This isn’t for 30 days, for summer, for a dress to wear, or a two-piece to buy.

I want my eating habits to supply me with the fuel to live a long fulfilling life.

I have to remember that

Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!

I’m thinking longevity. Long-term and lasting results.

Because there is always time to make change, and reach my goals.

So there will be no shortcuts. No Pills, no 10-Day diets, and no skin wraps.

Okay Paige, since we’re not dieting, what are the ideal eating habits for a long fulfilling life?

I googled a few articles about eating habits of people who live the longest, and I wanted to share:

6 Simple Eating Habits of People Who Live to 100

What’s The Oldest People in the World Eat (and Drink) Every Day?

9 Healthy Habits of the World’s Longest Living People

Blue Zone Secrets: How to Live 100+ Years

A few recurring points were:

(1)Eat til you are 80% full,

(2)Eat a lot a lot of plants,

(3)And eat to live, not live to eat.

Peace and blessings,

– P. Blessman


  1. Nice article! This definitely gave me a better understanding about diet. Thanks a lot for posting this!

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