It’s not wanting to get out the bed.
It’s losing interest in your favorite things.
It’s being nonchalant with your loved ones.
It’s being tired but no amount of sleep or a full lazy weekend can rejuvenate you.
It’s not eating all day cause you have so many other things on your mind you forget to eat.
It’s long stares in the mirror trynna figure out who you are and why you’re here.
It’s crying til you fall asleep at night.
It’s not being able to sleep because anxious thoughts go crazy when the room is dark and quiet.
It’s purposely avoiding some people and settings.
It’s wearing sweats every day cause anything else takes too much effort to put on like buttons omg.
It’s putting off work and procrastinating.
It’s not taking care of yourself.
It’s negative self talk.
It’s feeling emotional pain physically.
It’s not feeling yourself and questioning who that even is and where did that person you used to be go.
It’s discomfort.
It’s heavy shoulders.
It’s not speaking up.
It’s loneliness.
It’s pretending all day.
It’s an isolated gloomy place.
It’s everything is gray.
It’s wanting healing.
It’s wanting love.
It’s wanting love.
Dass It.
It’s just wanting love…

(++ self love)

3 Things To Do,

To Get Out of a Rut:

1- Acknowledge you are in a rut! It’s okay to not be okay all the time.

2-Ask yourself what is the next step, to get out of it.. and then get to stepping

3-Take a walk, exercise, phone a friend or family member, light a candle, write down what you’re thankful for

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Peace and blessings,

– P. Blessman

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