I have to admit…

It’s lit to live and work downtown Detroit.

I can see Campus Martius, Cadillac Square, the Detroit River and even work from the views of my building,

And I moved UP, now I see down Jefferson and can see so far and a great view!

I walk three blocks to work.

I pick my pace down the hallways and along the sidewalks.

I wait on the elevators, and anticipate the streetwalking signs to change white, signaling to go.

I definitely keep my eye on the morning/evening rush around the parking garages and traffic lights too, because the traffic rushes are real and I don’t give any car, or especially bus, the benefit of the doubt at crosswalks. Nope.

But I get to admire the skyline, and Detroit’s ambience… every day and night.

There is literally always something to do, and something new in the area.

A festival, a conference, a concert, an opening, or some event or attraction to attend!

It’s difficult to keep up, but I can tell when the traffic gets congested, more than the usual

And the parking lot attendants wave signs with recognizably increased lot prices.

And oh yeah the sound of more horns mixed with the chatter of people.

Parking sucks.

I also see familiar faces around downtown pretty often, around Campus Martius, at the nearby restaurants,

Either during my regular commute to/from work

Or at lunch rush too.

…If I don’t go home for lunch for the free. (My apartment building is right there in the center of the photo:)

Yeahhhh, downtown living is just cool!

What is even more fascinating though, is that I am able to witness all this activity day to day.

I get to witness a big city on the rise again right before my everyday eyes.

It is really something to marvel at.

People who visit (downtown) Detroit every now and then say, “Wow Detroit is changing so fast.” And what comes to my mind to say is, “They need to hurry up!” lol

It seems like this construction is just never-ending and “in the way” while I’m en route to my downtown shenanigans.

I see Detroit every day. Going out and about.

But again, I have got to say it’s amazing to see Detroit change right before my eyes.

For somebody who swore Detroit was not the place for them anymore,

I sure do have a great spot right in the epicenter of the city.

I truly enjoy where I am right now downtown Detroit,

And I look forward to witnessing Detroit’s transformation through these times.

What are some of your favorite downtown spots to eat?

What have been some of your favorite places to go?

Leave comment below, or a note on The Contact Paige!

Peace and blessings,

– P. Blessman

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