I’m getting straight to the point.

Short & sweet.

You cannot outwork a bad diet.


Trust me. I’ve tried too.

After +10 years I would’ve figured it out by now lol.

I didn’t get faster, lasting results until I committed to a balanced nutritional lifestyle- with less junk and more greens.

We cannot eat sugary cereals, pizza, cake, sweets, fried chicken, burgers, mac & cheese

Then lift weights for an hour or run a few miles, and expect to build muscle or lose weight.

It’s the science of food here,

And all calories are not processed equally in the body;

Spinach calories are not the same as ice cream calories.

Different foods call for different reactions from our bodies to either store fat, or burn energy.

Foods with a lot of sugar and starch (aka most of our faves) call for the body to store fat.

I think it’s time to stop being in denial,

And commit to a balanced nutritional lifestyle that includes more greens, proteins, and complex carbs.

Yes you can have your cake,

But you gotta make sure you’re snacking on nuts, eating whole grains, and getting your greens and proteins in!

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Peace and grace,

– P. Blessman

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