I mostly have been

Just going to work, then back home.

Especially since it’s so cold in the D!

My only exploring is on my 7 min walking commute home/to work, or when I go out to lunch.

Work (or the gym, or with my honey) is where I’ve been.

And the latest / coooolest though:

ME leading the Chamber’s booth and “Pic Me” Photo Contest at our conference, was an amazing experience!

I got to call the shots yay  lolll.

But fr really amazing because I engaged with countless, fellow members, future members:

Answering (Chamber) questions,

Listening to their specialties,

Taking their pictures,

Showing people how to use boomerang,

Checking hashtag use,

Being a pic buddy,

And even my co-workers took photos, ?? ‼

As an introvert I was seriously socialled out and sleeeeeept as soon as I got home.

BUT I had fun❗

& I made more fun.

&& The best part, in this role I was able to

At least be that one positive interaction

For a number of someones

(& maybe someone who really needed it)

In their day.


*Yes there were prizes alladat*

Here are some screenshots:

I cant wait til the weather breaks and I’ll explore of

My backyard again,

But work is pretty cool too. #chamberlife

I have more posts coming. Stay in touch. Get Posi!

Peace and blessings,

– P. Blessman

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