I stopped weighing myself on the regular because it was driving me crazy,

Being obsessed with numbers.

I wanted to make this healthier lifestyle comfortable.

Not have a new uncomfortable.

Numbers had a hold on me, and they negatively impacted my day and life.

I didn’t need more stress, but less stress!

Why forget the scale?

This is what the scales do not tell you, which is just as important to know:

-How much food is in your digestive system

-How much water you’re retaining

-How much muscle you’ve gained

-How your clothes fit

-How much stress you’re under


I stopped weighing myself regularly,

and only weighing in when I feel good lol.

I think it’s cool to weigh in periodically, but (I was) weighing in every day, is so not needed.

Because there’s so much the scale doesn’t say.

And we are more than our weight.

We have personality and a mind too!

Measure your progress with body measurements, with measuring tape.

Measure your progress by how your clothes fit.

Measure your progress by how much more weight you can lift,

Or how much further/faster you can run!

Measure your progress by have much energy you have.

Measure your progress with before and after pictures.

Happy goal reaching y’all!

You can and will do it!

Take small steps towards wellthy, take them each and every day.

Peace and blessings,

– P. Blessman

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