No matter what health and fitness peeps say,

Losing weight is HARD,

Staying consistent is a challenge,

And long-lasting results take time.

That’s just what it is…

There are so many mixed messages about techniques and tools that help weight loss.

Some of those messages are coming from people who never even

Experienced overweight or losing weight, so how would they know what works?

Some of those messages are just marketing ploys to get new customers and make money.

Some of those messages are truly trying to help.

So how do we know, who knows what they’re talking about?

After I’ve been on my weight loss / wellness journey for 10 years,

I learned to do my own research and just try things

And see how it goes.

I lost 90 pounds— my way.

Imagine how I felt when I saw this:

They were lying.

They were thieves and stole my picture.

And that is why I watermark my pics nowadays.

There are people out there trynna convince vulnerable people

That they can’t lose weight without “this” product…

The short and non-sugar coated truth is,

There is no quick way to major weight transformation.

It can be consistent, but all long-lasting weight loss/ body transformations take time.

When going through change

Please spread grace and kindness to yourself, and be patient.

Because again, weight loss and body transformation is truly HARD work

It takes time to lose fat and build muscle— there’s no magic (pill or shake) for losing weight

Except going under the knife if you want to go that route,

But even then, and still… Muscles cannot be artificialized.

Muscle has to be trained and built over time.

I think there’s been tooooo much emphasis, on the “loss” in weight loss.

We’re making so many cuts and depriving ourselves,

Versus giving ourselves more of what we need.

We need more time, patience, dedication, a balanced eating plan, and a workout plan to go with it.

Swear if I can do it, anyone can do it.

Though it took me a while… I still did it

And I took some “breaks” but I haven’t gained anything back— that’s damn sure worth celebrating too.

My overall point is, don’t listen to everything you read about weight loss

Because there are people who just want your money

And don’t care about your health.

On the other hand, there’s a handful of genuine folk like me,

Who actually wanna help.

I’m giving this advice for free.

Ya girl ain’t got no sponsors.

& so I hope this reaches those that need this talk.

Your best bet is to do your own research before making any purchase

Towards supplements and “fat-burning” pills.

I challenge you to look at the ingredient labels and Google what the ingredients are…

At least know what you’re buying.

At least know what you’re putting into your body.

Below are the top things that helped my weight transformation:

  1. Drinking more water.

  2. Lifting more weights.

  3. Eating cleaner, and committing to less processed/ packaged foods.

  4. More patience and grace.

Sending you peace and joy along your wellness journey— You can do it!

A List of Ways To Live A Well-thy, Healthy Life

Peace and grace,

– P. Blessman

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