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Encouragement for your heart, inspiration for your mind, and healing for your soul...

Get ready for increased self-awareness and spiritual growth!

Paige Blessman wrote "Got Lemons?" to help others experience more clarity, comfort and joy in their liveswhich scripture and self-awareness can bring. 

She started reading the Bible with more intention for understanding in 2018. At first she was just reading. Then she started highlighting. Then she started memorizing some scriptures. Then she started to take notes and journal. Then she created "Got Lemons?"

What's Inside "Got Lemons?"

  • Paige's 1st memorable encounter with God
  • 40+ Scriptures
  • 4 Bible Translations (CEB, KJV, NIV, AMP)
  • Self-Awareness Worksheets
  • Clickable Section-to-Section Navigation
  • Space for Taking Notes Directly on Your Phone
  • 100 Pages of Enlightening Content

The Benefits:

  • Strengthen your faith and deepen your connection with God's word
  • Gain valuable insights into your own spiritual journey
  • Cultivate more self-awareness
  • Find solace, guidance, and inspiration in the scriptures
  • Develop practical tools for self-reflection and personal development

Read "Got Lemons?" and open the doors to a renewed sense of faith, self-awareness, and personal empowerment.

Take the first step toward increased faith-based positivity.

I hope this faith-based positivity eBook helps You feel more peace, feel more confident in God’s path for you, and uplifts your spirits when you need it.

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