My mindset reset story

I beat depression and obesity. Here’s how…

I went to the gym. I changed what I ate. I did my own research. I made mistakes. I stared at myself in the mirror. I recited affirmations. I cried. I smiled. I binged. I yo-yo’d. I drank more water. I ate nutritionally. I woke up earlier. I built muscle and fixed my loose skin. I started over. I stopped talking to people who mistreated me. I increased my faith. I never gave up.

& I recorded myself along the way. I released videos that I made to declutter my mind. I didn’t plan on releasing these videos just releasing the thoughts in my mind.

But I want to share them in case they could inspire someone else to keep going.

Plus I needed to make space in my phone LOL.

& I never want to forget the process it took, to remind me that goals takes time, patience & consistency.

I am blessed by the best to be here and share my story to encourage others.

May posi & peace be with you!

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